About Us

image Agape Care Center began with a vision and burden on January 15th 2016, when founders Les and Karen Caldwell were deeply moved as they realized homeless individuals in Woodruff, SC were living outside in cold weather. By his personal awareness of human suffering and seeing that others were doing nothing to help he stepped out in faith to open a homeless shelter. After asking friends at church and others in the community to help provide for this need, Les soon learned of an available, former school building, and within two weeks had arranged to occupy this building, secured bedding and food, and began housing the homeless.

Agape shows the homeless the "agape" love of the Lord while providing for their physical needs. Homeless indiviuals receive a hot, nutritious supper, a bed with clean linens, a place to shower and clean up. Agape provides additional clothes as needed and a way for each to wash their clothes. Each guest receivces a nutritious breakfast before leaving by 9:00am each morning. Devotions are held regularly, brought by volunteers from local churches. Guests are encouraged to return each afternoon at 5:00pm to continue receiving services until they can move to independence.

Within three days of entry, the director began helping them create a case plan with a view to emerging from homelessness. They may receive, if needed referrals for medical care through the free clinic or the Spartanburg Regional Hospital System. Those needing addiction recovery services are referred to other providers, and Agape will provide transportation to the addiction recovery centers.

Les and Karen constantly go out onto the highways and byways to encourage unsheltered individuals to come in for help, they regurlarly ensure they get haircuts, clean clothing and food, wheather they come in for shelter or not.

While Agape Care Center cares about all homeless individuals, the current building is to small to provide safe segregated housing for each group. The shelter now serves primarily homeless men, the group with the highest need in the Woodruff area (although women are not turned away on cold nights) In time the Agape Care Center would like to serve men, women and children in an enviroment that will be safe for all groups.

The current building has been deeded over to Agape care Center following the receipt of IRS tax exceptions status.

Future plans include renovating the building, improve the furnishings, hiring addtional staff, and developing a case management system so more individuals can be served and move from homelessness in a timely manner.